Sunday, January 1, 2017

Open Mic SkyRides Karaoke Competition and the 2017 New Year Count-down

 The iconic Helium Balloon was flying till late night

 Video of my opening remarks and my rendition of Broery's 'Tak Ingin Sendiri'

1. Introduction. The management of SkyRides Worldwide Sdn Bhd gave me a few days notice as whether I would be able to attend the final of the karaoke competition and the New Year Count-Down to be held at the SkyRide Stage, SkyRides Festivals Park, Putrajaya on December 31, 2016. My response was affirmative, although I was somewhat apprehensive that, as it is still in the period of the monsoon season, rain might dampened the occasion.  I was informed by Mr. CJ Han, the manager of the Park, that the program for the night would start at 9.00 pm and that my arrival was expected at 8.45 pm.  I started the Saturday morning with the Futsal and Badminton competitions for the Tan Sri Mohd Noor Ismail Trophy at the Uptown Sports Complex. After the official opening and interactions with the friends who were at the Event, I left the premises of the Sports Complex around 12.00 noon. Took a short nap in the afternoon. Kamariah decided to come along to the Event and we departed from the house at 8.00 pm arriving at the venue of the Event at the scheduled time of 8.45 pm. On arrival we were ushered and seated to a table, joined by Dato' Pam and Encik Halim, members of the Board of the Company. Puan Siti, the organiser and MC of the Event briefed me on the program for the night and the first item on the program was the speech by the Chairman of the Company.

2. The Opening Remarks.  I started the speech by welcoming members of the Board, the staff, the participants and members of the family. I reiterated that the singing competition was not only a way of discovering talents and an avenue of entertainment but must be viewed in the bigger context in that it bonds family relationship together, an important ingredient in happy living and healthy ageing. I went on to inform those present that the Festivals Park is consisted, not only the iconic tethered helium balloon but also the SkyRide Stage, the Warrior Challenge, the Sky Kid with the children's own warrior challenge, the Sky Demo, Sky Handicrafts and the Sky Juice and Food Courts; which is becoming a popular tourist and family destinations.  I then wish good bye to 2016 and welcome the New Year 2017.  Appreciation was extended to the Organisers of the Event, particularly Dato' Pam, Mr. CJ Han and Puan Siti and all the staff of the Company.               

3. The Karaoke Competition. The competition started with the preliminary rounds held on Friday and Saturday nights starting in the first week of December i.e Friday 2nd December, where I was also present to launch the Event. A total of 56 registered for the competition and 20 were selected, with 17 men and only three ladies in the final, who were being judged by three.  The final was compered by Puan Siti and Adam and the first competitor was on stage at 9.30 pm and with a short break, all the 20 singers completed by 11.30 pm.  The champion received a trophy and RM 1 500 prize money, the runner-up, trophy and RM 1000 and the third winner, trophy and RM 500. The other 7 finalists received complimentary prizes.      

 Photos of the performance by the singers

 The champion receiving the trophy and prize money

 Photo with the winners

4. Concluding Remarks.  I consider the standard of the vocal, dress and performance of the finalists relatively high.  My wife and I enjoyed the show very much.  I was surprised that my wife decided to stay until the end of the Event.  I was also happy to be able to catch up with members of the Board, the management staff and other staff, particularly in the count-down for the New Year. Thank you all and May the New Year bring continued success to everyone and to SkyRides Worldwide Sdn Bhd, the consulting and management company of SkyRides Festivals Park Putrajaya.  

 Its 12 mid-night. Welcome 2017

Posted on 1/1/2017 ( First day of New Year)
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