Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Birthday Celebration

The photographs of cakes that accompanied the HB wishes

1. Introduction.  Time flies and before one realises it a year is gone.  Kamariah will remind me that my birthday is fast approaching and she is the one that contacts the children to plan for a family get-together.  Each year the family birthday do would start with Rozita, my eldest daughter, whose birthday is in January, followed by mine in February and then Rosmin and Rozana in May, Syabil my youngest grandchild in June and finally in November when my two grandchildren, Shazwan and Syafiq, with their father, Shahrulnizam celebrate theirs.  Remembering and celebrating birthdays is a way of bringing family close together, exchanging experiences and mutually supporting each other,  key ingredients in happy living.    
2. Birthday Activities.  Since having the FB website and the whatspp family groups, many birthday wishes were received on my birthday (Feb 23) from the many FB friends, relatives and immediate family members.  It was particularly touching to be remembered with those kind words and prayers from all those close to you. Appreciate them very much....The family had an early reception organised last Sunday as Rozana, one of my daughters, was travelling to Jakarta. It was a Korean barbecue lunch at KLCC. The children, knowing that their dad is an outdoor person with jogging, swimming and cycling as his weekly exercise menu usually would give gifts such as jogging shoes and trek suits on the previous birthdays.This time I received Garmin Vivoactive Instruments, a device to monitor activity tracking and MU T-Shirt from my two grandchildren who are studying in UK. They too have extended their wishes through the FB.....It was a hectic day on the birthday. Started the morning with bird watching at the back of my house where there is a strip of forest which harbours a family of monkeys which have been feeding on my fruits and vegetables and a few species of birds, which are attracted to a cherry tree I have planted for this purpose. Inspite of the damages caused by the mammals I have allowed them to roam as they are part of the terrestrial ecosystem we live....The whole afternoon I visited the Skyride Festivals Park in Putrajaya where an estimated 40 officials of the Department of Social Welfare were undergoing their team building training using the facilities at the Park - the Helium Balloon, Skyride Challenge, the food stalls and the open spaces..  I was invited to deliver a short talk and give away the prizes to the winners for the various associated competitions....the afternoon ended up with a birthday reception where the CEO of Skyride International Sdn Bhd, Dato' Pam Ghani, personally cooked delicious dishes of mee goreng, nasi goreng and chicken curry and with the various cakes, were served to all categories of employees in our Company, who were at the reception.  It provided me the opportunity to interact and nurture the team spirit, so important to the success of any organisations.  It was a memorable and happy day.  Thanks again to all of you.

Cutting an ice-cream cake

Always glad to have members of the family around

The barbecue beef and chicken and other accompanying dishes
  3. Birthday Wishes from FB Friends
      Happy Birthday Dato!
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Fuzi Hamid · Friends with Rosmin Hashim
Happy Birthday Uncle Hashim Rosmin Hashim
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Fairus Kusaini Happy birthday Pak Ngah 
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Mohd Zuldz · Friends with Rosmin Hashim
Tahniah...semakin menjadi kebapaan...
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Roshana Joni · Friends with Rosmin Hashim
Happy Birthday Uncle..n many returns.
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Ong Hock Siew Belated birthday wishes to one of the finest gentleman I have met. We love you, Dato
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Patricia Jayaram Happy Birthday Dato'.
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Balwant Singh Kler Nice pictures of your birthday and thanks for sharing. Almighty bless you always
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Joseph Kajangan · 4 mutual friends
Happy Birthday Sir ...and many more beautiful birthday to come..
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Zaleha Dina amboi abang hashim tidak mau lepas chan ..... suka leha tengok happy famili - ingat nak ke sana dalam seminggu dua ini = rindupula pada abang hashim sekeluarga ..... lama tak bergaduh
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Vincent Pung How the family values you reflects the depth of a person. Happy Birthday my friend.
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Sakinah Ani Arope Happy bd uncle
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Hj Omar Hj Tompang As Salam Dato Hashim Bin Abdul-Wahab. Tahniah Dato dan keluarga. Semoga sentiasa d dlm lindungan dan rahmat Allah jua, aamiin.
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Nadya Rosalie Happy Birthday to dearest dato dr. Hashim Bin Abdul-WahabMay Allah swt bless you with good health and lots of happiness dunia akhirat..age is just a number, yg penting jiwa tetapi muda!! smile emoticon smile emoticon
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Zainal Ariffin Happy birthday Dato'...
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Goh Ai Ling Happy belated birthday Dr... Moga sentiasa sehat walafiat...
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Siti Shaleha Happy belated b/day Dato'..
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Zakinah Adnan Hepi bisday p.angah..semoga p.angah sihat selalu..dri hidayah
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Omar Kadir A belated happy birthday Dato' Dr. Hashim Bin Abdul-Wahab. Wishing you the best in health and wealth & of course happiness!
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With the receptionists at the ticketing office - Skyride Festivals Park

The trainees from the Dept of Social Welfare performing the Poco-Poco Dance as part of team-building

Addressing the trainees at the Prize-Giving Ceremony

Birthday Reception given by the staff of Skyride Worlwide Sdn Bhd

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