Monday, June 29, 2015

Appearance in the Nona Segment of TV3 June 28, 2015

In the photo, Fadli the camera man (on the left), Anna Aljuffrey, the journalist is (on the right)

  I was invited by Ms Anna AlJuffrey to appear on the Nona Segment of TV 3 which highlights family related issues, to share with the audience on Happy Married Life. I was at first reluctant but on second thought, why not- sharing with the younger generation the ingredients of happy married life. After all Kamariah and I have lived together since February 1962. Anna and Fadli, the camera man, visited our home on the afternoon of June 18 and spent around three hours, taking videos of the living room, the library and the garden   

   In the garden

Kamariah deeply concentrating on reading her book

Walking out of the house to the garden

  I shared with the audience the keys to our happy married life are: firstly, performing each others duties, Kamariah taking care of my food, my clothings, raising up the children and I making sure that the financial needs of the house are met; close relationships with the children and immediate family members and always keeping in touch with them; have many close friends and doing things together; keeping occupied with hobbies such as reading and gardening; trust in each other; lots of patience and always willing to give and forget on both sides.

June 29, 2015
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Panggilan Kinabalu Charity Concert June 25, 2015

 1. I attended the Charity Concert held at the HGH Hall Sentul,Kuala Lumpur on June 25, 2015.
It was organised by the Rotary Club (RC) of One Utama and RC of Bukit Bintang with the objectives of recognising the heroism of the guides of Mt Kinabalu of the June 5 Earthquake Disaster of 5.9 on the Righter scale, to collect donations to assist them and at the same time to demonstrate unity and harmony of all Malaysians in time of facing challenges.  I was invited by Mr. Ong Hock Siew, the key person in organising the Concert, to assist as he knows that Mt. Kinabalu and Sabah is close to my heart.  It was Hock Siew who was instrumental in getting me up the summit in October 1989 and had climbed it 15 times since then.  The programme  for the evening was as follows:    




07-00 pm

Arrival of guests


07-45 pm

Welcome speech

Speech by Guest of Honor

PP Yap Fatt Lam

YB Datuk Mary Yap

08-10 pm

Opening Video


08-25 pm

Song 1:It’s a Small World


Choir + Audience singing

08-35 pm           

A word from Tan Sri Azman

Song 3: Sayang Kinabalu

Song 4: You’ve Got Friends

Song 5: Wonderful World

Tan Sri Azman Hashim

09-00 pm

Song 6: When You Believe

Song 7: Colours of The Wind

Carrie Lee & Irene Wong

09-10 pm

Sharing of the Mountain’s call

The fine balance of nature  

Ong Hock Siew

09-25 pm

Testimony of a hero 1

Mouth organ presentation   

Guide Jomius

09-35 pm

Testimony of a hero 2

Leaf & Sompoton present


09-45 pm

Song 8: TBA

Song 9: TBA

Dato’ Khatijah

09-55 pm

Song 10: Try a little Kindness

Song 11: Place In The Sun

Godfrey Ooi

10-10 pm

Song 12:  Cinta Kita Selamanya

Song 13:  TBA


10-25 pm

Song 14: If We Hold On Together

Song 15: You Raise Me Up


10-35 pm

Singing together

We Are The World

RCBB, RCBU and all on stage

10-45 pm

Sayang Kinabalu (reprise)

Finale: Tan Sri Azman and All on the stage

10-55 pm

Closing words – video

Remembrance of the deceased

We shall not be moved

Ong Hock Siew

    2.  The Concert was officially opened by YB Datuk Mary Yap, Deputy Minister of Education, who in her speech, highlighted the devastation that occurred during the natural calamity where 18 died and many injured and expressed appreciation at the efforts made to help those adversely affected by it.  The Concert was well attended and a total sum of RM 250 000 was raised with more pledges to contribute.  

YB Datuk Mary Yap receiving memento at the official opening of the Concert
Meeting friends prior to the Concert
Tan Sri Adzman Hashim, one of the guests of honour and a major donor to the Concert

Tan Sri Azman rendered 3 songs during the Concert

Two lady performers at the Concert

The audience at the Concert