Saturday, December 31, 2016

Annual Sports Competition for the Tan Sri Mohd Noor Trophy 2016

 The promotional banner of the Event

The trophies

Tan Sri Mohd Noor Ismail delivering his welcoming address

1. Introduction.  I was invited to the official opening of the sporting event by a close friend, Y Bhg Tan Sri Mohd Noor Ismail on the last day of 2016 i.e Saturday 31st December at 9.00 am held at the Uptown Sports Arena, Bandar Baru Bangi.  Besides the large number of participants, TS Mohd Noor has invited his friends who are ex-graduates of UPM with Dato' Seri DiRaja Syed Razlan, President of Persatuan Alumni Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, as the guest of honour and a few leaders of the BBBangi community.  In his welcoming remarks, Tan Sri shared his aspirations in that this sports complex was built and operated by a subsidiary family company with shareholdings wholly owned by members of the family, as a corporate social responsibility in providing sporting facilities to promote happy and healthy living among members of the communities around Bandar Baru Bangi, also known as the 'Knowledge City' and beyond.   DSDR Syed Razlan, in his brief remarks expressed his happiness for the efforts of Tan Sri Mohd Noor and members of his family, for having provided the facilities that bring members of the community together through healthy activities. As a symbolic act to officiate the Event he then kicked the futsal ball towards the goal post.       

 Friends around Tan Sri Mohd Noor

 Official Opening by DSDR Syed Razlan, symbolically by kicking the futsal ball

 Friends of Tan Sri Mohd Noor as guests at the Event

2.  The Competition.  This is the Third Annual Competition for the Tan Sri Mohd Noor Trophy which started in October, 2014 (First Open) and covers three main events:
     2.1  Futsal - open to two categories - participants who are under 17 years old where 96
                         teams have registered and the Open category also has the maximum 96
     2.2  Badminton - open to amateur men also has the maximum 96 teams registered

     2.3  Aerobic Exercise ( The Zumba) for ladies which is scheduled for 9.00 pm to 10 pm
            before the New Year Count Down

  According to the organisers all registrations are done online and to facilitate organisation the maximum number of teams have been fixed at 96.  Many teams have been declined their registrations due to the limits set. Many volunteers have assisted in the various aspects of organisation.

3. The Facilities.  The Uptown Sports is a multisport complex located in the vicinity of Kajang and Bandar Baru Bangi, consisting of three blocks of multi-purpose buildings that house 12 indoor badminton courts, 7 standard futsal court and one international size court.  Other facilities within the buildings are a gymnasium, a fitness centre, retail shops, food and beverage area, prayer rooms for male and female and also ample parking bays in the periphery of the buildings

The badminton courts
 Tan Sri Mohd Noor sharing his aspirations on his entrepreneural activities, with the friends present 

The light refreshments served on the occassion

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